What  to  Expect

Our  inspections  meet  or  exceed  industry  accepted  standards.  Every  Gorden  Homes  inspection  is  based  on  the  standards  of  practice  set  forth  by  American  Society  of  Home  Inspectors  (ASHI).

Can I participate in the inspection?

At  Gorden  Homes,  we  understand  that  you  may  want  to  be  part  of  the  inspection  process.  We  encourage  you  to  come  along  on  the  inspection  and  we  will  provide  you  with  valuable  knowledge  and  insight  to  any  questions  or  concerns  that  may  pop  up  along  the  way.  


We’ll  discuss  our  findings  and  explain  the  impact  on  your  potential  investment  and  what  may  need  to  be  addressed  now  or  in  the  future.


Preparing for the inspection

To  be  able  to  plan  for  your  inspection,  you  should  expect:  

  • to  spend  2-3  hours,  this  includes  time  for  questions  or  discussion. 

  • to  get  dusty  or  muddy,  depending  on  the  property  and  weather. 

  • to  work  with  your  realtor  to  gain  full  access  to  the  house  with  all  utilities  in  working  order 

  • our  inspector  to  check  from  bottom  to  top  (among  others): 

    • the  home’s  structure

    • plumbing,  electrical,  heating/cooling  systems 

    • attics  and  insulation 

    • installed  appliances  oexterior  of  the  home,  including  roof  obasement/crawlspace  and  foundation,  chimneys  and  fireplaces

    • porches,  patios,  decks  and  landscape  grade  (although  not  irrigation  systems) 

  • not  to  be  rushed.  If  you  need  more  time  for  questions  or  consultation,  just  ask. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

We  believe  you  deserve  our  best,  that  is  why  we  treat  you  with  the  same  care  and  attention  we  provide  to  our  family  and  friends.


We  take  pride  in  our  company’s  trustworthiness,  approachability,  communication  skills  and  professionalism.  We’ll  give  you  the  information  you  need  to  make  an  informed  decision.  Our  clients  return  to  us  time  and  again  because  of  our  commitment  to  integrity  and  value  of  service,  all  packaged  with  attention  to  detail  and  common  sense. 

Computerized Reports

Our  reports  will  help  you  prioritize  the improvements and develop a  blueprint  regarding  improvements  to  your  future  home. Inspection  reports  contain: a  checklist  and  narrative,  summary  pages  with  color  photos  to  illustrate  any  issues  or  concerns,  and  any  recommended  repairs  or  updates.


Reports  are  e-mailed  and  securely  posted  for  retrieval  on  our  website  (printed  or  faxed  hard  copies  are  available  upon  request). 

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